How to throw a Gender Reveal Party

Are you planning a gender reveal for yourself or someone you love? Well, you are in luck! Welcome to your guide to throwing “Nacho Average Gender Reveal” party. We’ve put together a few ideas that will leave your guests with something to taco ‘bout for the rest of the year.


Planning out the basic details of a gender reveal are the first steps. This includes a theme, a date, and your guest list. Lucky for you, we’ve got the theme covered. Taco ‘bout a baby!

Once you have the rest of those details sorted out, you’ll want to figure out what kind of decorations and food you’ll have at the party. Once again, we’ve got you covered. A Salsarita’s Taco Bar is the perfect option for this theme and event. Guests can customize their taco any way they want, and our taco bars are great for any size group. Order your taco bar today at!

Decorations that align with your theme are key to having a memorable event. We found a ton of cute decorations for a gender reveal, here are a couple below.

  • Letter Balloons – These balloons would be great to spell out “Taco ‘bout a baby” to hang above your taco bar.
Photo by @PrettyCollected on Pinterest


  • Themed cookies – Ask your local bakery if they can decorate cookies to fit your theme. Here is some inspiration we found on Pinterest.

    Picture from Perth Cookies + Cakes Instagram (@ninamariesweetdesigns)

The Reveal

The main event of this party, revealing the gender of the baby! To continue with our theme, get this piñata onesie and stuff it with blue or pink candies, toys, and confetti. Have the soon to me mom or parents take turns whacking the piñata.

Photo from

Have Fun

Party planning can be stressful, and we hope this guide to throwing a gender reveal party makes your event run smoothly. The most important thing about a party like this is to have fun celebrating your people!

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