5 Catering Hacks


If you’re ordering Salsarita’s Catering for your next event, you’re already winning! Salsarita’s has always offered the ultimate catering experience and now we’re here with even more ways to enjoy your order. If you thought you loved Salsarita’s Catering before, you’re really going to love it now!


Who says taco bars are just for tacos? Our Taco Bar has everything you could ask for to make the perfect taco. But it also has all the ingredients for a yummy burrito bowl or taco salad. Sometimes, you’re just in the mood for something a little different. So, skip the tortilla and create your own taco side salad or make a vibrant burrito bowl with your fresh favorites. There’re always options with Salsarita’s!


We believe in cherishing every last drop of savory goodness; no crumbs left behind! The best way to ensure you get to enjoy every last bit of your taco creation is to make a plate of chips with queso drizzled on top. Any stray toppings that fall out of your tacos then become nacho toppings!

3. leftover options

Leftovers tend to get a bad rap, but putting just a small spin on yesterday’s lunch leftovers can make a vibrant new dish for today’s lunch. Taco Bar leftovers? They go great in cheesy taco casserole! And the best part is; it’s a one pan dish! Everyone loves less cleanup time. This dish allows you to throw in your leftover taco meat, tomatoes, cheese, beans, sour cream; almost everything all in one pan. Check out this one pan wonder: https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a25480123/taco-casserole-recipe/

4. earn free food

Don’t let the fiesta stop just because your event is over. Did you know that your catering order earns you free food? Yes, we mean free. With every catering order you place under your Salsarita’s reward account, $10 in rewards is loaded into your account once you receive your catering. That’s $10 you can use next Taco Tuesday or for a burrito on your next lunch break or maybe quesadillas for dinner on a busy weeknight. Whatever you decide on, everyone loves free food!

5. reduce, reuse, recycle

Save your extra serving utensils for your next catering order or big event. Extra tongs and serving spoons are always useful when you have a house full of guests. Whether you’re hosting a family reunion, birthday party, or family dinner with the in-laws; extra serving utensils always come in handy! Sternos and metal racks can also be saved for later events. If you don’t plan on hosting anytime soon, but also hate the idea of throwing away perfectly good supplies, many of our stores will let you return sternos and catering racks. Be sure to double check with your local store first!

Aluminum trays can be washed and safely reused multiple times. They’re the perfect size for casseroles (like the Cheesy Taco Casserole above), lasagnas, or storing a fresh batch of homemade cookies. A great rainy-day activity to keep the kiddos occupied is to make a casserole together, step by step and one ingredient at a time. Then relax with some fresh baked cookies for dessert. All while using your recycled catering pans!


Whether you decide to skip the tortilla, make secondhand nachos, recreate your leftovers, earn free food, or go green with recycling; get the most out of your order! Our catering is perfect for any event and any crowd. And now with these new catering hacks, you get to enjoy your order in more ways than one! The only thing that’s left to do is place your order at cater.salsaritas.com

Do you have a go-to catering hack? Share your ideas below!

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