Hospitality is a core value at Salsarita’s Fresh Mexican Grill.

Hospitality comes in many forms, but in its most basic form it is the act of welcoming another and making them feel at home. Too many families in America today have no place to call home, no place to feel welcome or to welcome others. By some estimates, over 3.5 million Americans will experience homelessness this year; of that number 1.6 million are the children of homeless families. The causes of homelessness are numerous, but its impact is singularly painful.

The Caring Cantina was created to help fight homelessness and to engender a spirit of true hospitality for the families in our communities.

Through volunteer efforts, community engagement and the entrepreneurial drive of our franchisee partners, the Caring Cantina donates time, food and resources to local, not-for-profit organizations, working to help families overcome homelessness and make our communities a haven for true hospitality.

Are you interested in a fundraising event for you non-profit or school?  Click here to learn more about our Dine to Donate events or contact your local Salsarita’s today.  Participation may vary.