How to Order the Spicy Steak Bowl (Under 550 Calories)


January 17th is the official Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions Day, but you, my friend, will not be celebrating this year. You’ve put a lot of work into coming up with your resolution, posting about it on Facebook, and maybe even a little bit into actually trying to keep it. You’ve come this far—don’t give up yet.

Some of you might be trying to lose weight and cut back in 2016, but did you know that cutting back doesn’t have to mean cutting out?

At Salsarita’s, there are plenty of ways to order and enjoy the entrees you love at 550 calories or less, and steak lovers, this one’s for you!

If you’re craving a Spicy Steak Bowl, but want to keep it under 550 calories, here’s how you could order it:

  1. What size? Order the small bowl.
  2. White or brown rice? Start with brown rice.
  3. What kind of beans? You’re going to stick to the black beans for this one.
  4. What kind of meat? STEAK, PLEASE.
  5. Anything else? Add fajita vegetables and diced tomatoes, and to really put the spicy in Spicy Steak Bowl, order the hot salsa with pickled jalapeños.

The Spicy Steak Bowl is filling, flavorful and comes with several of your favorite fresh ingredients!

Stay tuned for more suggestions for ordering entrees under 550 calories, and let us know what you thought about this one by leaving a comment on Facebook or tweeting us at @Salsarita’s.