How to Order a Shrimp Quesadilla for Under 550 Calories


Jokes (and terrible puns) aside, there’s nothing “shellfish” about wanting a little (or a lot!) of shrimp in your life.

You already know that you love our entrees, but one of the coolest things about Salsarita’s is that, in addition to our all-natural chicken, ground beef, shredded pork, and perfectly seasoned steak, we also offer sautéed shrimp!

AND if you’re trying to order a lighter lunch, there are lots of ways to order your favorite Mexican entrees with shrimp without breaking the caloric bank. In fact, you can even enjoy shrimp quesadilla for less than 550 calories!

Did that get your attention?

Here’s how it’s done:

  • First, order your quesadilla with a regular flour tortilla.
  • Then, ask for our savory sautéed shrimp (about 3 ounces).
  • What kind of salsa do you want? You’re going to definitely want our fresh pico de gallo (about 1 ounce)!
  • As far as cheese goes, ask for the cheddar/jack cheese (about 2 ounces).

There you have it: your favorite Mexican entree, at well under 550 calories.

In case you missed it, you can also enjoy our spicy steak bowl for under 550 calories. Stay tuned for more suggestions for ordering entrees under 550 calories, and let us know what you thought about this one by leaving a comment on Facebook or tweeting us at @Salsarita’s.