Louisville Man Loses 110 Pounds Lunching at Salsarita’s

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“When I got closer to 50, I knew I had to do something.”

These were the words John Byron of Louisville, Kentucky said to us over the phone in an inspiring interview last week, where he told us, “If I can help one more person to change their eating habits, I’m happy to help even that one person.”

He’d been struggling with health issues and knew it was time for a change, but he didn’t want get stuck in another diet.

“I can’t diet for the rest of my life,” he said, going on to add, “Don’t call it a diet; call it a lifestyle. When you diet, you can’t stay on it; it has to become a habit, or you will just put [the weight] back on with bad habits.”

With a personal trainer, he learned that, although he exercised enough, in order to lose weight, he would need to change his eating habits. This is how Byron, a self-described “creature of habit,” ended up at the Salsarita’s of Louisville. He already knew he liked many of the items offered by Salsarita’s, and with the help of his trainer, he was able to create a bowl that would be filling and satisfying, while also meeting his personal health goals.

In the early days of his weight loss, Byron ate lunch at Salsarita’s each and every day, ordering a chicken bowl, with light cheese, a little bit of brown rice, salsa, and lots of jalapenos, skipping things like sour cream, extra cheese and chips. Byron found that, in addition to being easy and quick to pick up, his order also provided him with a balanced and flavorful lunch.

“The guys at Salsarita’s knew me well,” he joked of his frequent visits, adding that “Salsarita’s is part of my weight loss program.” And the best part? “I like what I’m eating.”

“I feel better about my health and will live longer because of my eating habits,” Byron stated. “I’ve learned to eat at home, but when I go to Salsarita’s, I know what I’m getting. I’m comfortable with what they’re putting in the food for me.”

It has been 1.5 years since Byron first started on his weight loss journey, and since then, he has lost 110 pounds and successfully kept it off. Although he no longer eats at Salsarita’s every day for lunch, he still comes in 3-4 days a week, noting that Salsarita’s has helped him maintain his weight.

“We all fall off the wagon once in a while,” he said, having just recently returned from traveling himself. “Have fun, but get back on it.”

His best advice for other individuals hoping to change their eating habits is this: “It’s got to be a life-changing thing.”

Thank you for sharing your story, John Byron, and congratulations on your amazing journey to better health!

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