5 Ideas for Throwing the Perfect Fiesta

taco ingredients

Sometimes it’s easier (and more fun!) to throw your own party. If you’re planning on throwing your own fiesta, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to dig through our favorite Pinterest board for a few ideas.

We know, we know. You’re welcome.

Grab your pens and notebooks—let’s get to fiesta planning!

Idea #1: Individual Seven-Layer Dip Cups

mexican seven layer dip cups

These are easy to make, easy to serve and are a hit for any party, from fiestas to tailgates. You can even use your favorite Salsarita’s salsas, guac and chips as ingredients!

Idea #2: Hang A Sign 

Ruffled - photo by Sposto Photography http://ruffledblog.com/redwoods-forest-wedding-at-fern-river

Because what better way to let your guests know they’ve arrived than with an awesomely punny sign?

#3: Festive Mason Jars


These are perfect for holding your straws and plastic ware.

#4: Salsa Margaritas


Warning: These are not actual margaritas. But it is a really clever way to serve your chips and salsa (which you can grab from your nearest Salsarita’s)!

#5: Flower Piñatas


This might not be for the amateur crafter, but it would definitely be a cute and fun addition to any fiesta.

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